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Services We Provide

~ A personalized approach to your insurance and financial needs ~

At EHC, we offer a wide range of complimentary consultations in

  • Medicare Health Plans

  • Long Term Care Insurance

  • Individual Dental & Vision Plans

  • Travel Medical & International Health Insurance 

  • Life Insurance & Financial Solutions

  • Estate Planning

Services We Provide: Packages
Image by Huyen Nguyen

Medicare Health Plans

For those who are just turning 65, new to or even already in the program, Medicare can be extremely confusing. Erin is licensed, appointed & certified with most major Medicare health plan carriers in California. Working closely with you with this robust portfolio, Erin will help you understand how Medicare works, show you where the gaps exist in Medicare’s coverage, offer plans designed to fill those gaps, and find a plan that best fits you budget and meets your medical needs.

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